We are very blessed to have a talent pool that is hard to find. They have great minds and great hearts.

We thrive on rising to the creative challenge and smashing it out of the ballpark.

We do, because we like to do. We also like to do it well. Anything else is unacceptable.

We were born to be creative


We are a diligent team.

We take great care in every project because we understand its importance. We understand its value.


We work hard, old school. We give 150%. 

We do to the best of our combined ability


We believe we have a social responsibility in the world. We were put here on the planet to serve.

Everything we learn, we share. We share with clients, peers, colleagues and anyone who will listen.

We teach small business owners the tricks of the trade, how to DIY, we keep them informed about new trends in marketing so they can make more informed decisions about the future of their marketing practices.

If we all share what we know, we can become an unstoppable force. We can change what needs to be changed so we can all have an easier and better existence.

We share what we know


Whether it's through donations or actual work, we help our communities and beyond through volunteerism. That's who we are.

We are always working on something!

We proudly help organizations such as the NY ASPCA, Human Rights First, SCORE Mentors, KIVA and many others.

We give back and pay it forward

© 2023 Semantikas

311 Pennsylvania Ave

Matamoras, PA 18336

Phone: 570-491-4400

Text:    570-872-0386

Fax:     570-491-4409

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