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about us

We are passionate about small business owners!

Not everyone has the commitment, the dedication, the will to make their business work against all odds and still go home at night and have the energy to tend to their families.

Small business owners generate 60% of all employment in the US and most accomplish this without any formal education in business management and marketing, which are fundamental to the survival of their ventures.

At Semantikas, we make marketing easy for business owners. We take the best technological tools available and implement them in ways that ensure small business survival.


We build Websites that do not bulldoze you into a hefty yearly contract.  We train you on on their use and explain everything in language you understand.


We provide Business Super Listings that get your accurate company information across all relevant search engines so you can be found by existing and new customers alike.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

our services

help you concentrate on your business

We can help you.

Our services make it easier for you to market your business online and on-site.

First, we get you found with Business Super Listings that get your business information out in cyberspace so new clients can find you quickly.

We  build you a Website that's not only beautiful, but that will be search engine optimized, easy to use for clients and a breeze to modify.

We handle the development of your marketing collateral, such as brochures, flyers and posters and we'll make sure the community knows  what you're  up to through the use of engaging press releases.

free resources

to help you on your way

On this seven-year journey, we've learned quite a bit about what's out there on the Web. And believe us, when we say, there are a ton of very nice people sharing their knowledge, their talent and their products for free.

We've made a compilation of things that have helped us along the way. Hope they help you too.


check your

online presence

do it now with just one click

Your online business information needs to be accurate and consistent. You may only have one chance at getting that new customer.

Semantikas wants to be sure you know where you stand with your online presence. That's why we teamed up with one of the biggest business listing services in America to bring you Super Listings.


Know how you appear to customers when they look for you online. 

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